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Did you know that almost 90% of startups fail? And 10% of them in the very first year. But, with my expertise, you can build a multi-million dollar business. 60 Minutes is all you need every day to learn the tricks of the trade from a masterpreneur.

I’ve walked the walk and learned the ropes and you can leverage my experience to equip yourself with the fundamentals of business learning

As Featured In:

As Featured In:

A Sneak Peek of The 60 Minute Startup Kit

Step-by-step checklist including templates to structure your business startup

Ultimate Startup


The Ultimate Startup Checklist is a comprehensive list of factors you need to be mindful of when starting your own business. With this list, you’ll be equipped to start your business when you please, all the while charting the progress you’re making.

Essential Tools To Grow

Your Business

The Essential Tools to Grow Your Business contains all the fundamental tools you need to get started. It saves you the hassle, effort, and time of scouting for tech that can help you achieve your business goals. Make operational efficiency gains and scale your business effortlessly.

Business Plan Template

With Examples

The Business Plan Template is a pre-formulated but comprehensive business guideline inspired by Fortune 500 companies and other startups. It is foolproof, time-tested, and validated by a serial entrepreneur - a seamless beginning to your business journey.

Who is Ramesh Dontha

I’d describe myself as a business maverick who has successfully carved a niche in the industry. I am a serial entrepreneur and a business consultant. I enjoy the rush that comes from helping small businesses and startups achieve their dreams. Their success fuels my drive.

From being the managing partner at Digital Transformation Pro to hosting the hugely popular The Agile Entrepreneur podcast and as the best selling author of The 60 Minute Startup book series I wear many hats and successfully at that.

Hailing from a nondescript rural village in the south of India, I can say I am now living my dream as a global face in the startup industry. I hold an MBA degree from Duke University’s The Fuqua School of Business as well as an Industrial Engineering degree from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering and NIT Warangal. My work experiences include a 17-year stint as a strategic planner with Intel Corporation and as a Program Manager with Tata Infotech for 7 years.

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"I adore the simplicity in The 60-Minute Start-Up. If you really want to start a successful business and you can follow instructions, this book is for you. It really is designed to be easy to follow, and to lead to paying customers in 30 days.

When you have paying customers, you have a business. Otherwise, it's a hobby."

Thanks, Ramesh!

David Shriner-Cahn

- Entrepreneur | Speaker | Podcast Host | New York, NY USA

Have you ever had a book jump off the desk, put on it's running shoes, grab you by the arm and drag you along into its world? This one does that and at a frenetic pace too.

I worked with the agile methodology when I was still in that corporate world, and there were some things I didn't understand till I read this book. It is amazing.

I also love the way he started each chapter with an actual case study a name and what this person did or didn't do that illustrates the point of the following chapter. I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what the story was going to be this time.

If this does not change the way you view your life and your work, then I'm not sure where that leaves you.

This is an exciting book.

C. T. Rochford

"When reading this book you may be inspired, but more importantly, you will have the steps to starting your business.

I appreciated all the examples of business startups, but the the steps were laid out for me to follow.

You just need to pick the example that fits your situation.

I read the book and then went back to review the sections that aligned with what I felt, my plans,

and the business I wanted to be in. Thanks to the author for articulating the details so well."

Wade Sarver

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